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Yea, so basically feeling like crap. I had a huge argument with my mother. She was going crazy, screaming that my drinking and smoking is going out of control and dont think she cant notice im not eating, blah, blah, blah.
I know it was in the heat of an arument but i think her exact words were "your mental, you've got an Effing problem girly".Thanks! I know that i've been smoking too much and that i ALWAYS drink destructivley, but god! why does she have to point out my faults. Especially when im a bit worried myself bacause i'm sorting myself out and feeling better, so why still the binge drinking and generally stupid behaviour?
Also, i know i pretty much asked for this, but when i put up those body shots in my journal, i orginally forgot to make them friends only. Straight away some people started anon posting telling me i was crazy and sick, and gross and basically making feel Fucking horrible. I suppose i shouldnt have put up shots like that. They were saying that i shouldnt be in an Ed recovery community as im obviously not recovering, Uh, NO SHIT FUCKWIT!!! Thanks for pointing out yet another of my faults! So i had to delete the post and repost it. The worst bit is that i cant even see Ettienne. He is three hours away teaching surf camp. Sorry for just ranting again everyone. I'm just a moaning minnie! Big hugs xxx
Tags: body image, substance/drug abuse

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