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Trigger warning for the link: mention of 9/11 and the impact of… 
11th-Aug-2011 01:58 pm
Ink Liev
Trigger warning for the link: mention of 9/11 and the impact of therapy on therapists and victims.

Talk therapy may not be helpful for trauma survivors.
11th-Aug-2011 11:48 pm (UTC)
you know....i honestly dont remember 9/11. a very dear friend and sometimes lover had passed away the day before, and she was all i could concentrate on, even though it ended up that i *did* know (online) two people who died in the towers.

i agree with the article that watching the things on tv couldnt cause PTSD in themselves, but they *could* have triggered other memories of trauma for some people. i know it didnt help my own fear of flying any at all.
12th-Aug-2011 04:17 am (UTC)

To this day, I have nightmares about witnessing airplane crashes. I'm never actually on the crashing plane; I'm always a helpless bystander/witness.

I never had those kind of nightmares before 9/11.
12th-Aug-2011 12:11 am (UTC)
This article is really misleading. It seems much more about the effect of therapy of people who didn't want it. I mean, if you force people to talk about painful memories then it's obviously going to be unhelpful and even harmful.

About TV, I've never experienced 9/11, but I did experience being 300 meters away from the bombs that went off in Oslo and seeing the pictures of the place I walk every day to school as completely broken and knowing that had it happened a day earlier I would have been dead? Fuck, yeah that triggered my PTSD. One thing is hearing it and seeing parts of it from a distance, another was actually seeing the blood, gore and what could have happened had I decided to walk that road that day. TV *can* be extremely damaging to your mind if you're already struggling.
12th-Aug-2011 04:12 am (UTC)
Talk therapy has never worked for me, so I found the article refreshing in it's honesty. In that "one size fits all" model of therapy in reality dosen't work. Given how popular that mode of therapy seems to be, I had to go through two therapists before I found one that didn't rely on it alone.

As for the TV watching=trips ptsd. Nope, mine has very specific triggers and won't go off from just any violent program/movie/news event.

Though for what it's worth, I'm male and I know that ptsd in men crops up differently than in women.
12th-Aug-2011 04:15 am (UTC)

But the main psychological benefits were felt by the psychologists rather than the patients, said the study

And why doesn't this surprise me?

*is cynical*
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