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Remembering kiota

With permission from briar_witch , I am posting about a member who passed away three years ago.  She was known here on LJ as kiota , but her name IRL was Anna Rosenfeld.  A memorial journal has been set up under her old username.

Anna was a wonderful person.  She was a light in the darkness for many, myself included.  She suffered from PTSD, various eating disorders, self-harming tendencies, as well as spending much of her time in suicidal ideation.  She quietly passed by her own hand when she was just 18. 

But, outside of all of that, she was kind, beautiful, wise, & constantly extending compassion to those around her.  She was a wonderful writer & created beautiful photography.

She is strongly missed.  If you knew her, please feel free to friend the journal.  It you have anything you would like to contribute, please let me know.

She will not disappear from this world.
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