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Thought-Stirring Post: Public Entry

Therapy is a popular topic here at _survivors_  .  In fact, there are so many posts about it that we have two relevant tags: therapy and therapy: what to expect.  The entries cover a variety of related questions and concerns, including first appointments, mismatched patient-client relationships, how to handle switching therapists, and even the question of whether or not therapy is right for you.

One thing we don't discuss as often are the huge variety of therapeutic treatment methods available.  Most recognizable are terms like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy (vs. individual therapy)... But there are countless others.  This week's Thought-Stirring Question will address the variety of choices available to us.
  • Are you currently / have you previously been in counseling?  What types of psychotherapy are / were you exposed to?
  • Which (if any) methods work(ed) best for you?  Which (if any) were problematic?
  • What remaining questions and/or concerns do you have regarding any of these treatment options?
Bonus question:
  • What non-traditional methods of coping do you consider your own personal modes of "therapy"?
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