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Thought-Stirring Post: Goals/Achievements


Oftentimes, survivors have a hard time patting themselves on the back, or taking the time to really acknowledge progress or achievements that they've made. I know I personally can get stuck in the mindset of "Yeah, okay, I made one step forward, but I still have 100 steps left!" and just keep moving without really stopping to see how far those individual steps have really gotten me.

So, this week, let's hear your achievements! It can be anything that you feel good about: did you get up earlier than normal? Go for a 15-minute walk? Go back to school? Etc.

  • What is something that you've accomplished/achieved in the past month? What was your motivation?

  • In what way do you think that you could congratulate yourself? (This is a great place for self-care!)

  • Did anyone else congratulate you for something they've noticed in the past month?
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