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Thought-Stirring Post: Trust


After going through abusive situations, we are often uneasy or slow to trust others the way we may have before the abuse. Or, for childhood abuse survivors, we may have learned that trust is a dangerous, unstable thing and be leery of anyone who claims we can trust them.

It can be hard to re-learn to trust after a traumatizing event or events. This week's thought-stirring post deals with how to overcome it and start trusting again.

  • Has abuse impacted your willingness/ability to trust? If not, why not? If so, do you feel it impedes your ability to get close to anyone, or does it only affect specific types of relationships?

  • Is there anything you've found that someone can do to help you feel like you can trust them? Are you more/less likely to forgive them if they somehow betray your trust?

  • Do you have any advice for anyone who is trying to relearn how to safely trust someone? Something that maybe you've found has worked for you in the past?
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