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Thought-Stirring Post: Public.

After going through any type of abuse or mistreatment, it is not uncommon for survivors to struggle with lack of self-esteem. Many times abusers undercut our sense of self and sense of worth in order to make us feel like we "deserve" the abuse, or otherwise brought it upon ourselves.

Problems with self-esteem can present in many different ways: becoming distant, problems with addiction/substance abuse, self-injury, eating disorders, etc. It is not uncommon for survivors who suffer with self-esteem issues to have those struggles transform into more debilitating or life-threatening problems.

  • In your recovery, have you struggled with self-esteem and/or self-worth? What is something that helped you realize that you are worthy of love and support?

  • If you are still struggling with self-esteem, what are some coping skills you could use to help improve your self-esteem?

  • What are some of the coping skills you've used in the past? Have they helped or hurt your recovery?
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