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Thought Stirring Post Public 
31st-Jan-2011 01:45 pm

Therapy can play a large part in the healing process for many (though not all) survivors. Finding a therapist can be as easy as Googling or opening up the phone book, but finding a good therapist, can be more difficult, as can finding a particular type of modality that fits with what you need and want.

How do you go about finding a therapist? Do you seek a recommendation from someone, such as your doctor, or do you make a list of any therapist you can find a listing for and visit each one until you find one you're comfortable with?

What qualities make for a good therapist for you?

How do you spot a bad therapist and what actions can you take to either protect yourself or leave the therapy relationship when you encounter a therapist that is either not a good fit for you or outright toxic?
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