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Thought-Stirring Post: Public Entry

Originally posted by sistahraven  on January 10, 2006

What is your favorite smell?

This one might sound a bit odd, so I'll give you some background. Many of us have learned coping skills out the wazoo to deal with our panic attacks, flashbacks, depression, anger, nightmares, etc. Studies have shown that using a few coping skills, which focus on different senses at the same time (as in touch and sound, taste and sight, etc.) are the most effective. By soothing our bodies on multiple levels, we're able to tell our bodies faster that we are safe and okay, despite what our emotions are doing at the time.

One of the easiest things, and often the most overlooked, coping skill is aromatherapy. Think about it. How much more comforted do we feel with the smell of warm apple pie in the oven, or fresh baked bread, or the lilacs in the spring, or maybe even the smell of your family dog. Adding the component of smell to your coping is an all-encompassing aid, that doesn't intrude on cuddling with a loved one, reading a book, listening to music. And with all the various scented candles, air fresheners, and potpourri available... well, you can find just about any smell - from fresh cut grass to a warm cup of coffee.
  • So what are your favorite smells?
  • What good things do they remind you of?
  • How can you bring those smells into your life when you need that extra bit of comfort?
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