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Thought Stirring Question: Public

Many survivors have triggers relating to their birthday. For those who survived abuse as a child, birthdays or birthday parties are often a time in which abuse or abusers can invade an otherwise happy space. Sometimes birthdays coincide with abuse or rape anniversaries, or fall close to holidays on which abuse occurred. Sometimes simply the act of aging can be triggering (especially for those who resemble in-family abusers more as they age). For parents/caretakers of children, sometimes seeing a child reach an age at which you were raped or abused can be monumentally triggering, too.

The tough thing is that birthday triggers happen only once (or very few) times each year, depending on if it's your or another's birthday which triggers you. This makes it difficult to hone in on coping skills or strategies, as you only get one or two days of practice each year!

This week's questions are:
- Do you have birthday triggers? Are they for your, or another person's birthday?

- What negative associations do you have with birthdays?

- What have been the coping skills or strategies which helped you most?
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