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Thought-Stirring Post: Public Entry

Flashbacks are something that plague many abuse survivors.  They can come in the form of nightmares or waking panic attacks.  Sometimes it's obvious what caused them and sometimes it seems like they happen for no reason at all.

For many survivors, having flashbacks can be a very debilitating experience, either short-term or long-term.  They are not only emotionally and psychologically taxing, but can also affect our home lives, relationships, and/or work responsibilities.  For some, flashbacks can be so intense as to spark dissociative symptoms or trigger drug or alcohol cravings. 

While everyone's individual experiences with flashbacks may be different, it seems most people are eager to learn how to prevent, understand, and/or cope with flashbacks as a part of the recovery process.
  1. What kinds of situations (or sounds, smells, etc.) typically trigger flashbacks for you?
  2. How does experiencing flashbacks impact your life (negatively OR positively--as part of the recovery process, for example)?
  3. What kinds of techniques, information, skills, etc. do you successfully use to help mitigate the negative effects of your flashbacks?
  4. What are some things you would still like to learn about flashbacks and/or coping with them?
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