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Thought-Stirring Post: Public Entry

Anxiety seems to be a pretty standard facet in the lives of abuse survivors.  For some of us, it's linked to PTSD in the form of hypervigilance or as a result of being triggered. Others have struggled with agoraphobia, general anxiety or OCD.  Anxiety takes many forms, shows up in a variety of different situations, and can be overwhelming if we're not immediately able to calm down and/or refocus.

It can take years to build up the self-awareness and coping mechanisms necessary to help mitigate the effects of anxiety.  Even things like medications, diet and caffeine can influence the process.  Hopefully our questions this week will help shed some light on how we can continue to grow and make progress regarding our own anxiety issues.

  • In what ways does anxiety play a (negative or positive) role in your life?
  • What kinds of coping mechanisms have you established to try to help you overcome your anxiety in different situations?
  • What are your goals regarding the anxiety you experience?
  • What is one big victory you've accomplished in spite of or in relation to your anxiety?
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