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Thought Stirring Question: Public

Many survivors fall into the habit of over-normalizing themselves. Many of us try to keep any negative emotions (depression, anger) hidden, or keep them from happening, while we strive to return to our pre-abuse/pre-rape life.

For some, it's a part of the post rape/abuse shame. "How dare we not be able to pretend everything's okay? We must be weak for not being able to do so", etc.

Having bad days, crying, being upset about our past, and struggling to balance processing with regular life can be difficult. And, all that struggle is normal. With all of the intense things survivors go through, it can be hard to remember that it's a normal part of the process. We're not crazy or broken, we're normal people having normal reactions!

So this week's questions are:

1. What part of your rape/abuse recovery have you realized is a normal part of the healing process?

2. In what ways do you try to over-normalize yourself? Do you look down on negative feelings, etc. or do you allow yourself to have bad days or crying days?

3. What is one aspect of recovery you wish could feel normal and okay to you? How do you think you could rationalize it as being normal?
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