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Thought Stirring Question: Public

Child abuse comes in as many forms as abuse adults survive: sexual, verbal, emotional, physical, mental, and ritual. Sometimes the abuse is perpetrated by adults, sometimes by other children; sometimes abusers act alone, or the abuse can be done by groups or families.

There are so many types of child abuse, but the results are very similar: long term, lasting effects. People who survive child abuse grow up with an acute knowledge of the worst of humanity; adults who have survived child abuse often experience difficulties with trust, forming healthy relationships, self-esteem issues, and many experience chronic health problems as a result of so much stress while the body was still growing.

When you're abused as a child, you're often made to feel alone and helpless. It is how abusers isolate those they wish to abuse, and it often leads to feelings of isolation as an adult. Sometimes, just knowing you're not alone can make a big difference - so that's what our focus will be today.

This week's questions are:
- Were you abused as a child? What form did it take?

- Did your abuser try to isolate you, or make you believe the abuse was your fault (or didn't exist at all)?

- How has being abused as a child affected your life as a teenager or adult?
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