Shadow Flying In Daylight (sistahraven) wrote in _survivors_,
Shadow Flying In Daylight

Thought Stirring Question: Public

Recovery after rape and abuse can be a long, difficult process. Along the way, though, there are often positive things we learn about ourselves, our capabilities, and our strengths. We can also find positive things in those around us, or about life in general.

Sometimes, when we're in the middle of the grueling aspects of recovery, it can be hard to see what good can come of it, so this week's discussion will be about the positive aspects of recovery, so we can carry those with us through the hard stuff!

This week's questions are:
- What positive things have you learned about yourself during your recovery process?

- What positive things have you learned about others, or about life during recovery?

- Was there a specific moment in which you felt you were inspired to continue on with recovery and processing?
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