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Thought Stirring Question: Public

Survivors of all types of abuse often experience a change in how they feel about sex. The most obvious example is survivors of rape or sexual abuse, but physical, verbal, emotional, or ritual abuse can greatly impact sex, too. A betrayal of trust or harsh criticism can leave a big impact.

Survivors often experience fears or anxieties related to sex, and can also experience flashbacks to their abuse, or struggle to trust someone with such an intimate moment. Others can become hypersexual, either because of low emotional boundaries (feeling they have to say yes), or because it is a way to feel in control of their lives.

There is no right or wrong way to approach sex as a survivor, but it's often difficult to find how to cope with the feelings sex can bring up, or to know that what you are going through is a normal part of being a survivor.

So this week's questions are:
- How is sex for you as a survivor? Is it a positive, negative, mixed, or neutral experience?

- How has sex changed for you from before your abuse?

- How have you coped with the negative feelings, or how do you stay focused on the positive in regards to sex?
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