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Thought Stirring Post 
1st-Jun-2010 10:42 pm

The following (really awesome!) Thought Stirring Question was originally posted by sistahraven in 2006. There are many more questions than our usual TSQ, but it is well worth thinking this one through. Enjoy!

This week's question is a bit hard to put to words, so bear with me if I'm having trouble pinpointing it exactly. Many times, when we are on our journey to healing, rediscovery, and reclaiming the world as our own, an image will stick with us. An image that inspires us, or reminds us of our strength. Sometimes that image just stuck with us, and seemed to be a theme through our lives, while other times it is a symbol we hold onto - even when we feel all else is lost - and it helps connect us back to hope, comfort, love, or safety.

For some cultures, those sort of symbols are totems of animals, some are images of religious significance (Saints, Deities, Crosses, Stars), some are just the image from a legend or story. In modern culture, and in many ancient cultures, these symbols often become tattoos - personal images that we carry with us on our journey.

So this week's questions:

  • What image have you carried with you?

  • Did you find an image or symbol that resonated with you like this?

  • If you got a tattoo what would it be of? (no offense intended for cultures and religions who forbid such things - this is strictly theoretical) Would it be an animal? A word? A picture?

  • What image connects you to your healing, your inner worlds, your hope and faith?

  • And, as always - how can you bring that image with you into your daily life? Could you have a postcard, a sticker, a piece of artwork, or even just a great stuffed animal that could help remind you of this?

  • If you *have* a reminder of that image, has it helped ground you? Would you have any suggestions of good places to keep reminders?

Like I said, this one is tough to nail down - so if I've run you about in circles, please feel free to ask for clarity.

Also, it's more than okay to have more than one image, or not be able to put an image to words.
2nd-Jun-2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
There's a song about abuse. It's called "Light in the Hall" and it's sung by Fred Small.
The third verse goes like this:
Now I am grown
On a silver chain I wear a pretty stone
A friend gave me
to say she loves me
and to say I can love
and to say I am worthy of it

Sometimes I scream
Sometimes I weep like the little girl
I never was, I never was

I tell the story
Somebody stole my life, but I am taking it back
I am living, I am living"

I had showed this entire song to my old therapist, saying the I felt like the first 2 verses.
Not long after that she handed me a box.
I opened it to find a silver necklace with a pink stone on it, and the first stanza of that verse printed on it.
She told me the necklace was a present from her sister to her and was important to her, but wanted me to have it because it would be more important to me. Because I need to know that I can make it to that third verse.
I am there now.

I wear this necklace all the time.
It reminds me that I am loved, can be loved, and am worthy of love.
It reminds me that I am at that third verse. I am telling the story and taking my life back.
I am living.
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