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Thought Stirring Question: Public

This is a revisited question:

For many survivors, music can be a bastion of hope, a voice of comfort on a long night, or another person you can hear who has felt a similar pain. When we can't communicate ourselves, music can be that bridge for us - either in helping us communicate to our loved ones with the words of the song, or by soothing us enough to allow us to talk.

Also, simply because of it's soothing effect, it can also help us process the abuse of our past and make it easier for us to move through the toughest parts of recovery. Since so many of us use music in our recovery and healing, it is one aspect of our healing we can share with others. Whether it's sharing lyrics or recommending songs, sharing the music that soothes or inspires us is one way we can help our fellow survivors in their recovery.

So this week's questions are:
- What music/songs/artists do you listen to on the really hard nights? Do you prefer more soothing music, upbeat music, or music that acknowledges your pain?
- What music/songs/artists do you listen to when you need inspiration to keep going in therapy or recovery?
- What songs or music has had the greatest effect on you as a survivor?

Bonus question/activity suggestion:
- Is there a playlist or mix CD/tape you could put together to help you on your hardest nights? Is there one you already use?
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