July 21st, 2009


Thought-Stirring Question: Celebrity ad-campaigns and advocacy.

Many celebrities are very famous for the causes they support. We've all seen Bono campaign around the world on behalf of Africa. You've probably heard of Live 8, the giant benefit concert with several top-tier rock bands that performed for the same cause. There is a whole group of famous models and actresses who posed naked for PETA on billboards and in magazines. And when Obama was running for president, several celebs got together to make a video in support of him that famously ran on YouTube for months.

--Which celebrities, if any, do you associate with domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault awareness, etc.?
--What kinds of public campaigns or ads do you think have been successful in bringing abuse-related issues to light?
--What kinds of obstacles do you think these campaigns face and what are your thoughts on how they might be overcome?
--Have there been examples of advocacy--on a large or small scale--that have affected you personally that you'd like to share?