July 15th, 2009


The return of Thought-Stirring Questions!

Hello, _survivors_!

Those of you who have been members for over a year or so may remember our weekly Thought-Stirring Questions. Each Tuesday, sistahraven would post both a public and friends-only entry containing some sort of reflective topic relating to abuse and recovery. Members could freely respond to either or both entries and share their personal experiences with the topic. If you'd like to check out some examples, feel free to click on the tag used for this entry, which will lead you to all of the past Thought-Stirring Questions.

So, without further ado, I'd like to announce the return of Thought-Stirring Questions to the community! sistahraven and I will be posting new questions again on a weekly basis, most likely on Tuesdays. If you're an older member, we hope you enjoy the return of this great feature, and if you're newer, we'd like to welcome you to take part in sharing your thoughts!

Here is tonight's Thought-Stirring Question:

At times, sexual assault has been referred to in the news and online as a "women's issue" and the survivors we see on television are frequently young, middle-class and white. However, we know that any gender, orientation, age or race can be subjected to abuse, often creating circumstances that are uniquely challenging to those specific groups.

How have these things affected you as a survivor?
--Do you feel that you were targeted because of how you define yourself or who you are?
--Or, alternatively, have you changed the way you define yourself based on your abuse?
--How has society treated you as a result of either situation?
--What things have you found particularly challenging as a result?