January 22nd, 2008

Free Child

Sharing some joy ...

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Angela Shelton... She is amazing and if you haven't seen her documentary, you must ! It impacted my healing in a hugely positive way !
Her book is coming out in April and there is a huge grassroots movement to show up at Barnes and Nobles on April 1st and buy the book. You can also preorder it on her site.
I am one of the team leaders on the joy campaign in Washington and I wanted to encourage these of you in Washington to join the team.
Please note, I am not getting paid to do this and this isn't about slaving away or activism that isn't rewarding! It's about breaking the silence individually, creating and finding our own healing and supporting the movement that Angela Shelton starting in doing all of the above !
She is truly an incredible woman and her videos are helpful and hilarious all at once.
It is so important to remember that healing doesn't have to be all pain all the time and that while it is extremely painful and hard, humor can sometimes help hugely.
And so does community !
Love and healing to all.