June 8th, 2007

The Show Must Go on

Treasured Objects

This is inspired by another post here.

I'm fairly sure most of us have comfort objects that we may sleep with regularly. There are also other important objects.

I slept with soft toys until I was sixteen when mum criticised it by implication. When I got depressed I started sleeping with them again after I realised another friend then 42 and no abuse issues sometimes sleeps with them.

The soft toys that currently live in my bed are a small shrek - big bellied men make me feel comfortable because my paternal grandpa is one-, a panda called Lum Lum - a West Wing reference-, a horse with wings and a horn, and two cats. The cats are my current favourites. Ones a cartoony permanently smug tabby called Myfanwy - I nearly got named this, it was Dad's favourite name -, the other a realistic forlone looking ginger with white paws that I call Puss-in-Boots.

Two treasured objects that are part of defining house space as my space are my dollshouse and my altar. My dollshouse was a joint project between my paternal granparents and I. I made a fuss about making sure I took it with me when I left home. The altar is my sacred space at home. It is a physical reminder for spiritual practice. Both of these will be put into place ASAP after I move which is any day now.