May 15th, 2007


Something I thought I'd share...

A friend passed this along to me via e-mail, and I thought I'd share it with all of you....

"Seven Commandments for Survivors" by Dee Ann Miller
1. Thou shalt not blame thyself when others do not get it. They suffer from short-sightedness and blind spots. You are not responsible for changing that - they are.
2. Thou shalt not set a time-table for your healing or for the healing of the larger community. While time alone cannot heal, healing takes time
3. Thou shalt not accept, without questing, anyone else's perscription for your healing. You alone can judge when and how to proceed, when to take a rest and when to celebrate.
4. Thou shalt not fail to celebrate small successes; you may be the only one who recognizes them and the only one who can reward yourself for them.
5. Thou shalt not isolate thyself, no matter how strong the temptation seems or how overwhelming the struggle. Taking time to be alone may help, not staying in isolation stifles creativity and leads to over-awfulizing
6. Thou shalt surround thyself with beauty...beautiful people, nature, beautiful music, and enriching experiences...reminding yourself that all these good things produce strength.
7. Thou shalt stand tall, even when feeling low, showing to the world that you are learning about yourself as you overcome.

Sending you lots of warm and pretty pink and lavender thoughts...