May 1st, 2007

Lesbian kisses

coping mechanisms

I'm still sorting things out here, and for some really really strange reason, I now think it would be fun and a great way to deal to get a 2nd set of piercings and a tattoo. Haven't done it yet, but as the feeling is more than a couple days old and isn't leaving, I very well might.

Is this normal, the feeling of wanting to add something to yourself to make up for assaults/etc? I'd always kinda-sorta-maybe wanted a tattoo, but I've never been able to screw up the guts to do it. And now that this has come up, I'm just thinking that the world doesn't last forever and you gotta live life. Buwha?

Also, in case anybody knows, are there any sort of Hatha Yoga places that are decent in the Denver, CO, area? I really want to start doing it, both as a relaxation method and a get-in-shape method. >.>