April 21st, 2007



I have discovered Tori Amos.

I think everyone here can benefit from reading some lyrics or listening to some of her songs. She has a way of speaking to you, understanding the things that we go through (at least for me). If you haven't already, go for it.

I'm in love.

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More of my 'cleansing writing', uhmm contains triggers of abusive violence and molestation. Thankyou for such a positive response to my first piece.

This is just as a mental cleanser for myself, really. Get it out.

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I know in my soul recovery is possible.  I feel it to the depths of my being.  I have been to the darkest of places in my mind's eye and come out on the other side, time and time again.  It has cycled for me.   There have been periods of despair and confusion I never thought would end, but they did, and I was granted reprieve after reprieve.  I am changing.  I am growing.  I am evolving.  While I am still experiencing the effects of the situations I lived through during my lifetime, they are not as profound, not as gripping, and not as paralyzing as previously during my journey.  There is hope.  As long as there is breath, there is hope.