March 24th, 2007

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I have a friend who tends to do something that triggers me. She is quite a new friend (only a few months) and though I'm fairly open at this stage of my recovery about having been raped and assaulted, the topic hasn't come up with her yet. I actually planned to not bring it up, if possible, ever - not because I don't trust her with that information, but because I wanted to see how long can a friendship go without involving that information, since it bothers me that those past experiences continue to be involved in every little bit of my life. However, because she was doing something that triggered me, I decided that I needed to tell her to stop, and that had to be done with a good explanation, as she is highly sensitive. So I wrote her an email.

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I really hope she'll understand, stop doing what she was doing, and we can still be friends. I also hope I made myself clear!