March 20th, 2007

Phoenix Rising

Weekly Thought Stirring: Connections and Realizations (public)

Something we see so often in this community are people making connections. When one of us has a big realization in our own recovery and we share it, it can help others also make similar connections, or re-examine some aspect of their abuse. Many of us can read about the same situation from many different people, or even read about it in many different books, but sometimes, just the wording someone uses is the only way it finally *clicks* for us.

Sometimes, hearing it from another survivor, in that particular wording they use can make a huge connection in our minds that we had thus far mixed. It's one of the beautiful ways survivors can help each other in recovery - just by sharing your story, or sharing tips on how you cope with particular things, it can change someone's life for the better!

So this week's questions:
- How have others' stories helped you make connections? What connections have they helped you make?
- How have your stories helped others make connections?