November 27th, 2006

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please go to my usual journal ( and read today's post titled ''the pain that we drain from love...".

i put all i had into that post, and its what i truly believe.

and check out the photo of me and 'the ex' down the bottom... what do you think of him? honestly now.... he had his cute stage!
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Is it normal?

I don't know what is going on with me lately. PMS is a big thing, MAJOR mood swings... other than that egh, nothing really. Thanksgiving was okay. I was looking on here and saw something about someone being attracted to people who aren't that persons age. I got thinking, I too have attraction to men 20+ years older than I. I mean I am only 17 and constantly see myself looking and getting feelings for men in their 30's. How wrong is that? I don't know why, I think since I have always been abused by older men, maybe that is what attracts me to them? Which I think is wierd, shouldn't that be the other way around? to be not attracted to older men? It is so wierd. Maybe it is because I have only had interactions with older men, so that is what I am used to? I have no idea. It confuses me a lot actually. Any idea's?