August 3rd, 2006

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I've passed through the fire once again. Hormones are so annoying and strange. To feel strange and unsettled like the ground is pulled out from under you for a week of every month is taxing...then to return to a state of grace where you aren't doubting your fundamentals anymore is so sudden.
So the one day of wretched cramps is over, which signals the beginning of equilibrium.


Okay, I don't feel like typing everything out... but I was wondering who in here happens to have PTSD from past sexual abuse and has given birth to children later in life? I am asking because I have PTSD... now I am happily married and excitedly pregnant for the first time (well, 2nd time if you count my miscarriage), but I have some anxiety about the whole labor/birthing/delivery thing. Could you tell me how your pregnancy and deliveries went? I would love to hear some honest stories just so I have a feel for what to possibly expect with my own experience. Thank you for sharing in advance! I really do appreciate it! I want to prepare for what's ahead... ya know?