August 2nd, 2006

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so william has tryed to call me like 6 times today but i didn't answer he left a message and i'm affraid to listen to it today was prettty ok i guess as i stated in my other post i didn't go to the court date today but the people did call me to let me know what happend and i guess he never showed they put a bench warrant out for him then late tonight he got arrested i'm suppose to have court now today/wesday but again ain't going b/c they told me the out comes what where most likely going to be which i already knew he's going to have to stay on supervision now until he's 18 

 skewl is like a month away and i'am getting really nervus b/c i'm going to be trying to go full days of skewl instead of half days i'm afraid of not being able to do it which i'm gonna push myself as hard as i can to stay in full days of skewl this is a huge step but i think i can do it i hope b/c my freshmen year i ended up not going at all after being assulted then sophmore yr i was doing half days now this yr we're trying for full ahhhh it's just stressful just thinking about but ya thats about it for now