June 15th, 2006



Hello everyone. I am adopting a dog on Friday, and I need to make room in my home for her. I have a really cool green true vintage couch from the '70s in my bedroom that there just won't be enough room for after I move in the dog's crate, dog bed, and toys (she will be a spoiled puppy). My question is this: I want to donate the couch to a women's shelter in the area, but I have no idea how to find one! I know they purposefully don't advertise their locations, and that's fine, but I really would like to donate this couch.

Can anyone tell me how I can get in touch with a women's sheleter near my home? I live in the northwest Chicago suburbs, right by O'Hare airport. Thank you all so much.

180 Degrees of Separation


I hope you don't mind me doing a shameless plug, but the subject matter is extremely relevant to your readers...

Like lots of people going through the absolute hell of betrayal and separation I used writing to keen myself sane (enough).

It became a diary of numbered poems that document a pretty bad year for me called "180 Degrees of Separation"...

Insertion, exertion.
The removal of doubt
that a man has been in
where my children came out.

I thought my poems would start all angry and bitter and become more intelligent and beautiful as I "got better"... that didn't quite happen though. See how they ended up at...




hey people today is survivors day for every one in my book also june is adopt a cat month they keep you happy and they have great energy to make things bright for the future
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