January 11th, 2005

Brittany the Chipette!

need some support please...

I am in the middle of reading Courage to Heal-right in the middle of the Understanding It Wasn't Your Fault section. I have the hardest time with that...a woman talked about having to take baths with her father, and a got another new memory. I am trying to be opne to recieving them so I can get through this process, but I do feel so much like it was my fault. I know in my head it couldn't have been, but my heart does not believe me. If you have any words of encoragment, I would love to hear them. Maybe something someone told you to help? Thanks so much. I feel better already knowing someone will read this and say "Yeah, I've been there." :-) -Brittany

(no subject)

Hey, guys..Im a newbie. I dont have much time to post as much as I would like to, but...in a nutshell. I was emotionally/mentally and physically abused and threatened in the sixth grade, and I just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship that also included death threats/etc. Since about sixth or seventh grade, an adult family friend has been making me very sexually uncomfortable by touching me and such...and I am afraid that he is doing it to my sister and friends, too!!

I'm scared, because I dont know how to make him stop. I cant tell my parents, because they are really good friends with him and I dont want anyone to get in trouble.

What should I do?