January 7th, 2005

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Hi everyone :)

I just joined so wanted to say hello. I don't really want to go into details about myself until I know everyone a little bit better but this seems like a friendly community. Nice to meet you all and look forward to getting to know you better!


Brittany the Chipette!

new here

Hi-my name is Brittany. I am reading "The Courage to Heal", and this so fit in. I don't know what all to say, but I wanted to say hi. I have an account where I keep more writings at: meetingmyself here on LJ. I'll see you guys around! -Brit

Good News!

I've been on here for a little while (I was sexually assaulted at 13), and I've talked to a couple of you guys. I just wanted to say you guys have helped so much. I understand myself better and a lot of other things have been clearified for me. :) I just wanted to say thanks and I'm glad that I know I have people I can talk to. When I use to describe myself I used to say I was a sexual assault victim, but now I'm able to say I'm a sexual assault survivor. I hope that doesn't sound corny, but you guys understand right?