Shadow Flying In Daylight (sistahraven) wrote in _survivors_,
Shadow Flying In Daylight

Thought Stirring Question: Public

For survivors, an important aspect of processing rape or abuse is being able to tell others what happened to us. Whether it's telling a trusted friend, therapist, family, or other survivors - being able to give voice to our experiences makes them feel real.

Telling others can be nerve-wrackingly difficult. Not every person has a positive experience with it, though many people develop stronger bonds with their support network through the process.

Something many survivors struggle with is deciding what to disclose and when. How much is "too much," and how much disclosure is "too little"

This week's questions:

- Who have you decided to tell about the abuse/rape you've survived? Why did you choose them to tell?

- How did you tell them, and how soon after the abuse or rape?

- What level of detail did you share with them, and what advice would you have to other survivors about how much detail to share?
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