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Thought-Stirring Question: Boundaries

In the American Heritage Dictionary, the word "boundary" is defined as “an indicated border or limit.” Healthy boundaries enable us to see ourselves as individuals and make independent decisions and actions. They also allow us to interact with others--friends, family or intimate partners--comfortably and in a way that encourages growth.

As abuse survivors, we have, at some point, had our boundaries violated in some way by our perpetrators. We may have been called upon to examine our own boundaries and figure out what they are, how to maintain them, and how they have fluctuated in relation to our trauma.

--What are, in your opinion, some key signs of healthy boundaries?
--What kind of (psychological/emotional/physical) boundaries do you have?
--Do your boundaries change depending on where you are or whom you are with?
--How were you boundaries affected by your abuse?
--What are your goals concerning your boundaries now?
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