inanna31 (inanna31) wrote in _survivors_,

My boogey Man

So I've been talking to my psych doc about my apartment being haunted. Seriously, I've been seeing this person.

He's been in my kitchen staring at me (my bedroom's off the kitchen) and lately he's been in my room. I seriously thought it was a ghost. However, I don't recognize him, but he seems familiar. I never see his face. After last weekend though I think I've come up with what it is... and I want to see  what you all think.

I told my psych doc this and he doesn't seem to have much to say other than giving me Zyprexa.

I think this "guy" is a manifestation of all the people of have hurt me in the past.

Any feelings about this?? Any opinions?? I think that's what it is... but I can't help but feel "crazy" because of it. My psych doc calls it hallucinations, but that seems so "crazy" to me. No offense to anyone... just how I see it, you know?
Thanks for reading. :)
Tags: seeking opinions

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