Shadow Flying In Daylight (sistahraven) wrote in _survivors_,
Shadow Flying In Daylight

Welcome our two Deputy Mods!

As noted in my previous post, we are bringing on two Deputy mods!

joonzmoon and blueserenity22 will be joining the mod team, and helping us keep track of posts, comments, and helping us to reorganize our tags and memories.

Both have been active in this community for quite some time, and volunteered to help with keeping this community active and thriving. While "maintainer status" (for those who know what that means) will be temporary, they have the full sanction of the Mod Team to make official requests for trigger warnings, LJ-cuts, and to assist with member conflict. Their focus will be on the community and members, making sure each member feels safe and supported.

If either of them make a request of you, you are expected to respond the same as you would to myself, briar_witch, volare, or druidwolf.

They have also volunteered to help leave comments to posts. We often suffer from lulls in comments, over holidays and weekends especially, and they have committed to leaving comments as often as they can.

So please, give them a warm welcome. We have grown and changed significantly since this community's inception - and we're happy to have some new folks added to the mix to help keep us moving!
Tags: community update, mod post: announcement
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