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Shadow Flying In Daylight

Mod Post: Changes are a-coming

There will be some changes coming to the community, so we wanted to keep you informed:

  • A new, complete, tag system. This will help act both as a second means of warning for triggers, but also make it easy to find posts by people in similar situations. We've tried this on and off over the years, but we'll have a solid system we can maintain for the future. This is a huge undertaking, and might take a few weeks, as we'll be tagging posts all the way back to the beginning of this community. So if you tag your community posts, please refer to our tag list. If you don't tag - don't worry! We'll tag any untagged posts made to the community.

  • A new memories system. All mod posts, announcements, rules changes, etc. will be kept together in memories for easy reference. For the first time, we will also be offering a member-specific memories tag. This will be an OPT-IN ONLY feature, and I'll make a post later about how to opt in. This way, you can see your posts over the months and years, and track your progress. Also, you can keep track of good suggestions, advice, support, or resources. Again, this will be opt-in, so only those interested will have their own memories label, and I will give more details when that becomes available. Credit must be given to the dog community petbulls for inspiring this idea!

  • The return of Thought Stirring Questions: Before my and druidwolf's daughter was born, I posted weekly questions about an aspect of being a survivor, as a prompt to help with processing and recovery. It became a time for members to talk about what they experienced and how it affected them, what was helpful for recovery, and it also meant we got to know each other better. It fell to the wayside because of a lack of time, but it will be returning! They will likely be every other week to start, and possibly moving up to every week.

  • The last, but certainly the happiest announcement? We will be bringing on two Deputy Mods!. Two of our active members, joonzmoon and blueserenity22 have been instrumental in helping us initiate these changes, and we're happy to have them on the team. They are going to be doing a lot of the reorganizing of the tags and memories along with the rest of the mods, and have volunteered to make sure entries get plenty of comments. Also, they will be able to make official Mod Requests on our behalf. I will make a separate post about this as well, but please give them a warm welcome to the team. While they will not be listed as "maintainers" for the community, they do have the mod team's support in making requests and suggestions.

There might be even more new things, but we'll announce them as they come. Thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful community. The biggest and most active survivor group on Livejournal would be nothing without its members and volunteers.
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