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 Hi everyone.  I have a few questions for you.  I am at a very positve time in my life-have never felt so alive and "normal".  I feel like I have come out of my box-at least mostly.  I want to do something big to finally say that I am who I am and am finally happy with the real me. Its taken me so long to get to this point and I have had many setbacks and been in the dark places several times.  I dont know what really changed except that I am not wanting to run from fear-real or imagined anymore, I also am sick of sitting out for reasons that are only in my head-not my heart.  

Anyway--  I designed a tattoo idea (a henna colored tribalish owl) and found an awsome female tattoo artist to do it.  I just realized that the date we scheduled for the tattoo is 2 days before my 15 year SA anni.  So it really is going to be a milestone event.   Which leads me to this question or questions:

has anyone done something similar for simalar reasons?

Did it help you retain that focus and feeling of being in that positive light?

Do you feel like it boosted your feelings of self worth ect?

anyone have any stories or pics to share?
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