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Plea to get votes for my mom and myself for the VS Mother's Day Contest

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been real active lately.. I've had a lot of bad stuff going on, including my therapist calling me and giving up on me and saying she gave away my time-slot to someone else (and no, I'm not kidding), but I want to post a separate message for that. I have some written up but usually have to step away from writing about that sort of thing after awhile because it gets to me. Anyway, the point: I need a vacation. My boyfriend and I try to get out of the apartment and attend free local events but we can't do a whole lot as I'm in school and am in serious debt because of this and he got laid off from his job awhile back and hasn't been able to find a replacement (he's in the tech field and they're not really hiring right now.. :o/), so money has been really tight.
While I have had serious issues with my mother in the past, she has seemed to realize what went wrong and has apologized for her actions/words. We've become much closer and she's helped me out a LOT with things lately (mentally, financially, etc.) and I wanted to give her something for Mother's Day to say thanks, but I seriously have no money. I know she would say she doesn't want me to get her anything, but I still want to.

There are different ways you can win the contest and I know my chances of winning are low and I probably won't win but at least trying for this is giving me hope (and, frankly, just some fun and something to look forward to every day).
I don't want to make this sound like a sob story to make you all feel bad into voting for me and I REALLY don't want to sound spammey on a very important community in my life. While I don't always comment, I read most of the entries and it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in my feelings. And I think about those of you who post that you're not doing well and try to send out good thoughts.

I don't want to post the embedded image because then it will really look like I'm spamming, but here's the URL:

There is no need to sign up for anything, you have complete anonymity and privacy in this. All you need to do is click on the vote button and that's it. There have been over 6,000 entries in this contest and I have managed to squeeze myself into the 500's.
I would really, REALLY appreciate it if you guys just took a second to go to the site and click on "vote for this entry" for me. It would really mean a lot to me. And to my mom.
And, like I said, I would normally never do this but I just really, really need this. I just stapled two bras the other day that are falling apart. The underwire on one is coming out of the fabric and poking me (I'm sure many of you can relate), so I stapled the hole in the fabric shut. And there's a tear in another one due to my cats, so I had to staple the tear shut. (The underwire fix has actually worked really well for anyone who's curious, I don't even feel the staple there. Not so much with the side tear bra, I can feel the staples and it's very uncomfortable.)

Please let me know if this offends you or if you think this is inappropriate to ask, I don't want to make anyone angry or uncomfortable. Just asking for a little help. :o/

Just check out the picture of my mom, if anything else. It's really funny. :o)

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