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Clothesline Project 
27th-Apr-2009 07:56 pm
rise from the ashes
triggered for physical abuse, sexual assault, awareness, telling people about abuse, numb, body memories, not being beleived, abusive mother on drugs, recollection of abuser, disassociation

I made a t-shirt for the Clothesline Project today, a red one saying I'm a survivor of sexual assault, and a yellow one for surviving physical abuse. I was numb driving home. But I did do it. It will be hung up in town hall in October for abuse awareness month.

My red shirt said: The first 3 people I told didn't beleive me. The next 15 did. Never stop telling: someone will beleive you. I had gold clouds on it and some hearts for the SARP program, who were the first people to beleive me. One sleeve said liar and the other said true.

my yellow shirt said I survived 15 yrs of abuse from MY MOTHER and now I am thriving. i painted a pic of me in the corner, along with bottles for all her meds.

I guess as far as experiences go, it was really hard having other people read it. I didn't want them to. But I also wanted someone to know, whether saw me make it or not. I just didn't want to do it. I don't remember the drive home, but I do remember seeing that office again, and her face.

hope that's all the triggers. i just wanted to share. i have pics if anyone would like to see them.
28th-Apr-2009 03:47 am (UTC)
::big safe hugs:: I made a shirt for the clothesline project, too. It was really tough, but know that you ARE helping. You, by making that shirt, just validated someone's existence, that they're not alone in what they experienced. That's a beautiful thing, and it took a lot of strength.
29th-Apr-2009 01:30 am (UTC)
I agree with sistahraven. You made a difference. When I went to a TBTN event at my school, they had tons of shirts displayed for the Clothesline Project. I am sure many of them made an impact on people. I know they did for me! Especially the one that said "I thought seven was a lucky number." I did a double-take for that one. Just....wow.

I would really like to see pictures of the shirts you made.
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