Nerissa Nightmare (2b_perfect) wrote in _survivors_,
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 I've been struggling today.
Thinking a lot.
I'm pretty much alone right now.
My family's all ether at work or asleep upstairs.
I hate being alone.
I keep remembering.
God, I'm so pariond too.
I keep thinking i'm seeing things that aren't there.
My head hurts.

I'm trying to forget everything that happened that night when he molested me.
But, its really hard to forget.
I keep remembering his dirty, disgusting hands running all over my body,
touching places I didn't want to be touched.
God, I hate this.

I'm also worried about my boyfriend,
I haven't talked to him since he told me his Dad molested him on Easter.
I would call him but, his sister (He's living with his sister right now because he's anorexic and no one else in his family wants to help him.) doesn't let people call him, she thinks it'll mess up his recovery.
I know he's only allowed on the computer every couple days,
But, I'm just worried about him,
I want to make sure he's alright.
 I told you people that my boyfriend is/was abused.
And when his Dad came up to see him he molested my poor baby.
It makes me so angry that someone would hurt him like that.
I just hope he's alright.
Tags: abuse: incest, abuse: sexual, flashbacks

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