Nerissa Nightmare (2b_perfect) wrote in _survivors_,
Nerissa Nightmare

sorry but, another post.

 This post isn't about me, but, I need help with my boyfriend who was also sexaully abused.

Today My boyfriend told me his Dad molested him on Easter.
He said he pulled him into the hallway and pinned him against the wall...
And then he started touching him and feeling him.
My boyfriend said his Dad probably would have raped him if the house wasn't so full of people.
for a while his Dad has been doing this stuff to him since he was 14.
He's 19 now.
He did get away from his Dad and he is living with his sister.
But, I'm scared he'll go back home and he'll get hurt again.
And it just made me so angry when I found out his Dad molested him on Easter.
God I could just kill him.
What should I do to help my boyfriend?
I'm so worried about him.
Tags: abuse: incest, seeking support
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