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I wanted to give a heads-up to anyone considering going to see "Watchmen." It's a pretty graphic film with some harsh triggers:

- The rape scene is pretty violent where the girl is beaten up pretty badly. I don't think the actual "sex" took place (I was having a really hard time through this), but it's pretty graphic and the intent was made VERY clear.

- (SPOILER) One character discovers she was the child produced from aforementioned rape. She's also approached by her "father" in a somewhat implied romantic manner. Nothing actually happened, but later on when you realize who he was to her... ugh.

- There's a LOT of nudity, including an unnecessary amount of full-frontal male nudity. I'm not exactly prude, but sitting there with friends watching this made me really uncomfortable.

- The sex is the movie is nothing short of soft-core porn. It was like that stuff on Cinemax or Showtime at 2 a.m. on Monday mornings. Lots of nudity, and this one part... it's hard to describe, like it was multiple-partner, but not... Anyway, still graphic.

- The violence is really, really graphic. Like, zooming in on exploded corpses gory. Lots of blood, guts, and bones all throughout it. There's also a murder of a pregnant woman, too, which was really disturbing for me.

- There's also two brief scenes in the blue guy's origin back story where it shows him as a blue skeleton, once with "nervous system" and once with more "organic-like" stuff... internal organ and such. I'm not sure if that would be triggering, but I'm throwing it out there, just in case.

I really, really don't recommend this movie. I went in thinking it was just another superhero movie (I hadn't read the graphic novel like the people with me had), but it was way more than I bargained for. I was a mess by the time we left the theater, mostly in an angry-hostile way, but a mess nonetheless.

So yeah... don't let anyone talk you into go seeing it if this kind of thing triggers you.
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