Tea and Crumpets (crumpetsfortea) wrote in _survivors_,
Tea and Crumpets

Dear fucking professor Terrel. Yes, I was out of it in fucking class today, and no I could not translate Caesar, and yes, I just gave the fuck up, and, no, I have not been in class as much as I should.

And, no, you do not have any way of knowing that I have not slept for a week, and have been dealing with massive, painful body dysphoria on a daily basis, because the thought of being viewed as female-bodied by my rapist again now that he's off scot-fucking-free is the most horrific thing in the world to me.

But seriously, I have more important things to deal with than the fact that I'm failing at Latin, and lay the fuck off, because I ust can't fucking handle a guilt trip about my fucking homework on top of everything else right now, okay?

And for the love of god, stop calling me 'miss.' I have asked you not to a million times before, and it is not fucking polite, it is fucking triggering.</l-cut>
Tags: ptsd, rape, transgender: ftm, venting
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