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Mod post - trigger warning

There's a CSA public service announcement from Australian TV going around Youtube and other places which you may run into. It is meant to be incredibly disturbing as it is an "awareness" piece.
It begins with a proud father giving a toast at his daughter's wedding, and for the first few moments it seems harmless.

He goes on to graphically describe an incestuous relationship with his daughter while nobody seems put off by it at all, all the guests chuckling and smiling as though what he's saying is totally normal, including the daughter/bride and her groom. Nobody seems to think anything's wrong at all.

It can be viewed here.

Another piece people have mentioned, this one from Germany, which involves a snake-like creature can be seen here

The ending states "If only getting over sexual abuse were this easy" and gives statistics for CSA in Australia, hoping to raising awareness in the community.
Please be advised that these pieces are incredibly triggering and that you may wish to avoid watching them.

[edited to include links]
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