NyssaNeala (nyssaneala) wrote in _survivors_,

Hey - new here.

Hey, I came across this community in my lj wanderings.

It is nearing the 6th year mark of when I was raped by someone who knew me extremely well.

I no longer think of myself as a victim, but there are those moments when the feelings just rush back in. There are still things that I struggle with. That I may always struggle with.

Living overseas now, I lost the close support of many friends who had been through similar experiences. At times, I really miss that. Most people here do not know what happened to me, whereas almost all my college friends in the States do know. Thankfully, I have a wonderful and supportive fiancee who supported me then and now and is an absolute lifesaver.

But it's nice to know that this group is here.
Tags: anniversaries, introductions
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