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The healing power of lovemaking (if done right)

I told my lover about my horrible nightmare this morning. I told him I felt destroyed, which sounds strange but that's exactly how I felt.

He respected my wishes not to be touched and listened to me and took care of me all day. He made me hot tea and hugged me when I felt like I could handle being hugged.

And then we cuddled for a while, just talking and kissing. As time went on, there was less talking and more kissing, until we got very passionately involved with each other. He made very gentle, tender, sweet, passionate love to me; he made me feel more loved and cared for than I have felt in a long time.

And now I feel rebuilt. I feel healed, at least for now. I know better than to think I'm healed for good, but I feel whole and well, which is much better than normal for me.
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