Brittany the Keyblade Master! (magic730dreams) wrote in _survivors_,
Brittany the Keyblade Master!

I am so excited!

Yay! Someone has finally done it! Now there is a community for our supporters, like we have here. nightninja76 has made a place for our supporters to join and share experiences, get support from each other, and learn better to take care of themselves while they help us. It’s just starting, so it’s small, but I know the more we spread it around, the bigger it will get. So tell your boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, life partners, best friends and whoever else, and send them here:

Image Hosted by </b>

Thanks for spreading the word-I’ll talk to you all later. Stay safe. -Brittany
P.S. You can email the moderator of this new community with any questions or concerns, or whatever!
Tags: community promo
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