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gonna rock your body til canada day

Hello, everybody.:) I just came from Julianne Moore's new movie, Blindness and wanted to warn you before you set foot in that theater.

I was not happy to find myself battling a panic attack surrounded by my friends at the movie tonight, but maybe I can help prevent one for some of you.

Basically, a group of men are hoarding food and demand that in order for anyone else (men, women, and children)to be "rewarded" food, a sufficient number of women must offer themselves up to be raped. A really painful scene occurs where the women in the room have to make the decision to be raped in order to save the rest of the people. Nine women volunteer and then they are taken back to a dark room where the men viciously rape them. It's extremely painful to watch, but the background sounds of grunting and screaming are probably the worst part about it. It's pretty graphic, and at one point Julianne Moore's character is ordered to give fellatio and the scene shows her tearfully acquiesce. A scene quickly after that shows a horrified woman being raped and ordered to move. When she refuses, we watch while the man beats her to death.

I think overall, the rape scene only lasted 15-20 minutes, but every moment of it was excruciating to watch. I immediately left the theater when the woman was killed, and my friends reported to me that the scenario changed soon after I left.

Hopefully this is okay for me to post. If not, mods, please let me know and I will promptly hit that delete key. :)
Tags: triggers: television/movies
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